It's all about painting landscapes—living, breathing, thriving ones

Hassle-free food starts with a custom-built veggie garden


Everyone has a budget and Rob is able to tend to your garden dreams while working within your price range. Check out what he can do for you.

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Veggie Gardens

They look good, productive and are great for the family—raised or not. Determine what kind of veggie garden you'd like and Rob will sort out the rest for you.

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The Veggie Patch Guy is always up to something new, whether that's installing a lawn, a creating driveway or putting together a design. Check out his work.

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About Rob Braithwaite The Veggie Patch Guy

Meet Rob, The Veggie Patch Guy

Rob loves the outdoors and knows there is no better place than your own backyard. The first question he will ask you is, “What do you want to do in your garden?” Rob is capable of taking a project from initial discussion and design and will consult regularly during the installation phase to produce a complete refinement of your garden, lawn or property.

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Whether you need a new garden, lawn, or something designed specifically with you in mind, the Veggie Patch Guy's got you covered. Get in touch today and Rob will get back to you shortly.